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    Ranks of F|Gz


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    Ranks of F|Gz

    Post  ThatOneKidXD on Sat Jan 21, 2012 5:50 pm

    So, in response to much confusion about the rank structure and what each rank does, I decided to write a little guide so that all of you can understand what clan rank is next for you and the general description of each rank, the following ranks are from highest to lowest:

    Commanders: Founder/Leader of the clan
    Generals: Co-Founder/Assistant Clan Leader
    Master Chief: Top Players/Contributors in clan. Highest rank possibly achievable, if accepted into this rank congrats!
    Disciplinary officers: Top Mods/Resolve clan issues, rectify any officers not doing their jobs, and assist in Initation when necessary
    Colonel: Mods/Make sure forums are clean and mature for all users
    Initiation Officers: Tryout and report on new members
    Caretakers: Guide new members through their new initiation periods/The "Middle Men" between new members and IO's

    Promotions are given out based on:
    Maturity, Activity, and Longetivity

    -By maturity, I mean making educated posts on the forums, by informing the admins of possible problems on the site or ingame, by cooperating with superior officers, and by being mature ingame during our matches and interclans.
    -Activity is pretty self explanatory. It does not, and by does not, I mean does NOT, have to be posting on threads everyday/spamming your heart out. It can simply be to visit, read up on things we're going to do in the future, and maybe chat with some of your fellow members.
    -Longetivity is also self explanatory. We do give older members first dibs on open ranks.

    In short, if you have these three qualities, then you will most likely be noticed. If we do not notice you at all and you would like a promotion, please, do not hesitate to let us know that you're interested (keep it short and limit it to one PM; we don't need our inboxes full). If we do not pick you for a new promotion, do not be discouraged, there will most certainly be future opportunities.

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