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    Rules & Expectations


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    Rules & Expectations

    Post  ThatOneKidXD on Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:14 pm

    These Rules were set down to ensure no problems will occur on this website or in the forums. They will be followed unless otherwise stated by a commander. All punishments to these rules will be decided by the commander; the max punishment to be IP/Site ban and expulsion from the clan.

    1) Under no circumstances do you harass or intimidate any members of this site or clan.

    2) Absolutely no cheating of any kind (modding, Hacks, Scams, etc.)

    3) No multi-clanning(being a member of another clan)

    4) No site promotions on the site, unless approved by commanders.

    5) No spamming other members, the forums, or the chatbox (posting nonsense irrelevant to the topic of the given thread).

    6) No "trying" new members unless you are an Initiation Officer or higher.

    7) No requests for higher positions, unless you can support this clan and the forums.

    Cool Follow orders. Listen to what higher officers say whether it be on the site or in game.

    9) No "Flaming" members. Choose words carefully.

    10) Do not complain to other members. If you have a problem with anything, contact leaders via PM.

    11) You are required to attend practices and matches unless you have a time zone conflict or other problems. If you cannot attend practices, then notify your squad leader or an officer.

    12) Absolutely no Racism or Sexism

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